Funniest Boston Terrier Videos 2021 🀭 [Funny Dog Videos]

The Three Commands You Need To Teach Your Dog

There are three commands that will help you and your dog have a better life together, and I bet you have no idea what they are. You’re thinking right now – that they are Sit, Stand and Walk. And you would be very wrong. Just like everyone else, you are doing what you hear other pet owners do, not what should be done or is best for the pet. All because you don’t have to take a course or learn about your pet before adopting it. However, if you were to adopt a child you would have to prove that you are capable of caring for said child before you can sign on the dotted line. So why not help your pet now and learn these three simple words.

Genius Dog 336 x 280 - Animated
Manners Matter 12

Rude Pets and Rude Pet Owners – My wife used to share her ice cream cone with our dachshund. The neighbor girl wasn’t impressed, however, when he took a lick of her cone. What is socially acceptable to a dog or to a dog owner is not necessarily acceptable to humans.

DIY All Natural Dog Shampoo

You don’t have to rely on the chemical filled shampoo found at pet stores! Not only is it easy to make your own, but it can be safer and far more cost efficient. Essential oils are not just for people these days. There are proven benefits to animals as well!

Pet Supplies for Your Pooch: Picking the Perfect Dog Food

It can be difficult to select the best dog food for your pooch from the number of brands at the pet supplies store. Here are some tips to help you navigate the labels and find the kibble that works best for your furry friend.

How to Choose the Puppy Breed for You

Puppies are great companions for your kids. Having a puppy at home will teach your children how to be responsible especially if they are given the tasks to look after it. However, you should decide carefully on what type of puppy to get so that it will be the right fit for you and your family.

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