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An Ancient Breed – The Maltese

The Maltese has been around for centuries – it was common to Romans during the time of Jesus. In fact, the oldest known reference to the dog was in the first century AD and was referenced as a noble women’s dog. This toy breed is characterized by long, white, silky fur. The Maltese originated on the island of Malta.

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How Do I Stop My Puppy’s Barking When I Leave?

How do you stop your puppy’s barking when you leave home? Separation anxiety needs different training methods than a dog barking at the neighbor. Discover tips & trainings to help you make your dog confident when alone.

4 Tips to Follow While Purchasing Steel Cages for Dogs

Dogs are often kept in open areas but to prevent them from fleeing and keeping them safe from intruders and miscreants, they are often kept in steel cages. The cages vary in size depending on the size of the dog and sometimes even bigger to allow space for them to move.

Pick the Most Nutritious Natural Treats for Dogs

Natural treats are very popular for your dogs. There are various companies that offer treats for pets of various price ranges. There are several advantages of giving these products to dogs. They improve chewing strength of canine animals.

The Single Dog Parent’s Guide to Dog Training

If you own a pet, you understand the many responsibilities involved in maintaining a healthy and happy animal. For many owners, dog training is a part of that responsibility. Fortunately, with dog training, there are many rewards for investing in the time and resources to train your dog, including strengthening the bond and relationship between your dog and yourself. Take a look at some of the following tips to help you get started in a dog-training regimen:

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