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Help Your Overweight Dog

After a great walk with your dogs, you notice they just seem really exhausted. You noticed on the walk they were really struggling, and now they seem worn out. It was just a simple walk, the one you have been doing since they were a puppy.

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How To Keep Your Dog Safe in The Summer

Summertime can be one of the greatest moments for you to enjoy the outdoors with your pet. However, summer months can also prove to be very uncomfortable and even dangerous not only for individuals but also pets. The truth is that summer is usually a terrific time for a dog owner since it lets you play, swim and run with your pet in the good weather compared to any other time of the year. However, the summer season is also one that brings a lot of unique risks to your pet dog and it is important to ensure that you keep your dog safe during this period. With the high summer temperatures, it is imperative to have your pet cool and safe. This helps protect it from risks such as heat stroke, dehydration, sunburns and burned foot pads that can be a cause of discomfort to your pet. Here are some ways through which you can keep your dog safe during summer.

How You Can Make Agility Training Fun for Your Dog

When people try to train their pets, they often run into one pesky problem. They can’t find a way to make training techniques like agility training anything but boring. Their pet loses interest, which makes the process of training them all the harder.

Information About The Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog were once used by Portuguese fisherman to pass messages to other boats, grab gear out of the water, and drive fishes into nets. When fishing became more modernized in the 20th century, this breed all but disappeared. However, they made a triumphant comeback and now rank 69th in popularity amongst the AKC’s recognized breeds.

Information On The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

A breed which has been around since the early 1900s, it is has gained a positive reputation around the world for being strong and agile. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is an aesthetic sight to behold for one and all. Let’s take a look at what this dog breed is all about and what makes it such a special pet to own for those who are considering getting one.

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