10 Tips To Avoid Boston Terrier Pet Scams!

Traveling With a Disabled Dog

Planning a vacation around a handicapped or mobility limited dog. Items to bring, accommodations, and keeping it fun.

Genius Dog 336 x 280 - Animated
Is A Collar Or Harness Best For My Dog?

Choosing the right dog collar or harness depends on a number of fundamental factors. Which one is best for you and your dog depends on the size, breed and personality of your dog.

Dog Behavior Problems Linked to Lack of Exercise

The PDSA says that lack of exercise is contributing to a ‘shocking’ rise in destructive and aggressive behavior – with people and other pets on the receiving end of bored, anxious, and badly-trained dogs. Read more to find out how you can help your own dog.

Interesting Stuff About German Shepherd Dogs That You Maybe Didn’t Know

German Shepherds are a medium to large breed of dog that originated in Germany. Intelligent, loyal and fiercely protective, German Shepherds are often selected as police, military and rescue dogs and are consistently among the world’s most popular breed.

Things You Should Know About Dogs

If dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend; then, you should know almost everything about them. Here are some doggie treats for you to chew in.

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