10 Astonishing Gentoo Penguin Facts You Don’t Want to Miss

Start Your Pet Traveling At A Young Age

Start your puppy out traveling at the youngest possible age, within reason. With the holidays ending many people have added a new member to their family. And for those that added a young puppy, now is the perfect time to acclimate the pup to traveling.

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5 Key Training Tips for First Time Dog Parents

Training your dog is one of the first steps in early interaction and bonding between you. Making this effort is part of getting to know your new loved one, and time for him to get to know you. Whether it’s housebreaking, proper dog walking or basic command practice, it’s never too early to start learning tools for teaching your pet necessary skills. Here are some tips on how to train your dog for beginners.

How Do I Keep My Dog Warm in the Winter?

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, you’ll want to make sure your dog is kept warm during the winter. Whether they have short hair or long, there’s nothing a dog likes more than to snuggle up in a warm place. Don’t forget that walk out in the cold either, some dogs don’t mind the chilly weather but others need an additional thermal layer just like us humans.

Golden Retrievers: Best Dogs for Families and Children

Concerned about finding the perfect dog for your kids? I’ll lend some insight on one of America’s most popular dogs.

Five Essential Pet Supplies For Your New Puppy

Thinking about getting a puppy? Here are five essential pet supplies you must buy before you bring the latest addition to your family home.

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