10 AMAZING Qualities Of Boston Terriers (You Will Want One!)

Why Your Senior Dog May Need More – Not Less – Care Than Your Puppy

As we age, our healthcare needs can change. Our dogs can, too. Discover what you should consider when dealing with your elderly dog to keep them healthy.

Genius Dog 336 x 280 - Animated
Back to Basics: Homemade Food for Your Dog

There are many benefits to eating homemade food. We are taking a look at how to extend that to your dog, and what information you need to know.

Why A Barking Dog Isn’t Always Bad

A barking dog can be very irritating, but not all barking is bad! I explain why you may want a barking dog and when you need to stop it.

The Appeal Of Pee-Mail to a Canine

When dogs are on a walk with us, sniffing along, working scents through their nose, they are doing more than just taking in the smells of nature. They are reading and writing Pee-Mail. Urination is MUCH more than a potty break. Urine is their INK. And trees, grass, and dirt is their ‘paper’.

It’s a Dog’s Life, No Matter Where They Are

Ever wonder how our diverse cultures impact dogs worldwide? The differences can be startling.

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